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Survivor Stories  

The following are a collection of over 300 courageous stories of survival from Necrotizing Fasciitis. If you are a survivor of Necrotizing Fasciitis and would like to share your story with others, please email your name, where you are from, and your story to nnffstories@gmail.com. The stories will be reviewed, editied and posted as time permits. All photos of actual NF will be posted however not all photos of debridement wounds will be posted.

Donna's Story (NNFF co-founder)
Jackie's Story
(NNFF co-founder)

2012 Stories:
Mark Morgan's Story
Contrena Potter's Story
Dale Low's Story
Maria Garcia's Story
Steve Wright's Story
Barry Kungu's Story
Janine Diederiks' Story
Zane Johnson's Story
Gerry Ryan's Story

2011 Stories:
Jim Fong's Story
 Rebecca Cook's Story
Sean Helgesen's Story
Tim Burke's Story
Carter Marshke's Story
Brian R. Haverland's Story
 Anthony Murray's Story
Santosh Anand's Story
Kate Dawson's Story
Melissa Wade's Story
Linda Ackley's Story
Bubba Nicholson's Story
Mike Schiller's Story (updated from 2007)
Rose Marrie's Story
Sean Han's Story
Christine Clawley's Story
Tracy Jeno's Story

2010 Stories:
Nicole Young's Story
Mary Axtell's Story
Douglas Murphy's Story (with images of NF)
Elmer Jones' Story
Linda Lotarski's Story
Miranda Bertram's Story
Jan Welling's Story
Larry Sasser's Story
Elaine Albertson's Story
Jamie Ebrom's Story
Suzanne Lawson's Story
Bobby Richter's Story
Andrew Chant's Story
Sean Stanelun's Story
Rob Schoenberg's Story

2009 Stories:
Brandy Moody's Story
Catena Rodgers' Story
Brian Hill's Story
Cathrine Horten's Story
Tyler Dobbs' Story
Tanya Clark's Story
Becky Sherlock's Story
Lily Lee's Story
Ron Reace's Story
Rob Marshall's Story
Michele Guindon's Story
Paul Van Nespen's Story (with graphic images)
Jessica Short's Story
Rocio Urbina-Arnett's Story
Bonita Brown's Story
Ashly Laliberty's Story
Doug Ward's Story
Suzanne Gable's Story
Ethan's Story
Jennifer Riley's Story
Bridget Skillman's Story
Stevy Golden's Story (with graphic images)
Gareth Bolt's Story (with graphic images)
Charles Rockwell's Story
Shad Griffin's Story
Douglas Frazier's Story
Paul Smith's Story
Scott Fitzpatrick's Story (with graphic images)

2008 Stories:
Elizabeth Clemmons' Story
Stephanie Fenster's Story
Patte Giltner's Story (with images of NF)
Darlene Blocker's Story
Bill Riley's Story (with image of NF)
Janet Fort's Story
Maegan RaeAnn Morrow's Story
Laura Vincent's Story
Kathy Graves' Story
Phyllis Marcotte's Story
Susan Barrett Lee's Story
Steve Gagne's Story
Jason Hardisky's Story
Larry Newkirk's Story
Emmett Hynes' Story
Gerald Norman's Story
Sondra Kettlewell's Story
Steve Robbins' Story
Regina Daly's Story
Cathy Petrone's Story
Brenda Doan's Story
Deby Atkinson's Story
Randi Smith's Story
Samantha Lewis' Story
Ricky Oliver's Story
Chelle Hickman's Story

2007 Stories:
Margot Avey's Story
Jonathan Hunter's Story (with graphic images)
Carole Pearson's Story
Sarah Klein's Story (with graphic images)
Cheryl Lee's Story
Sherri Clark's Story
Alicia R. Cole's Story
Ian Pavey's Story
Travis Becker's Story
Brent Matthews' Story
Mike Schiller's Story
Tiffany Inbody's Story
Joshua Chapman's Story
Chelsea Brown's Story
Colleen deJesus' Story
Mark Radell's Story
Kimberly O'Toole's Story
Chris Martin's Story
Linda Masar's Story
Randolph's Story
Susie Williams' Story
Kelly Lawson's Story
Jack Woodford's Story
Jacklyn Nicole Hebert Williams' Story
Linda L's Story
Antony Mulcahy's Story (with images of NF)
Tony Juliano's Story
Pam Kuchta's Story
Amy Medley's Story
Brandi Houser's Story
Baby Kaylee's Story

Pre-2007 Stories:
Adolphus' Story
Ann Marie Stanford's Story
Aerial's Story
Al Alper's Story (with graphic images)
Allan Edward Wokes' Story
Allen Schuman's Stories
Alyshia Shimizu's Story
Amie's Story
Amy Nicholson's Story
Ana Kinner's Story
April Allen's Story
Anonymous Survivor Story
April Gentry's Story
Art Yockel's Story
Ashley Bleas' Story
Barbara's Story
Barbara George's Story
Barry Moyer's Story
Bertina Huggins' Story
Betty Thornley's Story
Beverly Cooper's Story
Bill Bryant's Story
Bo Salisbury's Story
Bob Rost's Story
Bob Wiley's Story
Bobbi Cartagena's Story
Bredt's Story
Brian L. Schnirel's Story
Calamity Mikell's Story
Carol Angley's Story
Carol Keenan's Story
Carolyn Buckner's Story
Carolyn Kilcrease's Story
Cassi Moore's Story (with graphic images)
Chad's Story
Chantae's Story
Charles Turner's Story (with graphic images)
Chris Garey's Story
Christina Ziegler's Story (with graphic images)
Christine O'Neal's Story
Chuck O'Donnell's Story
Cindy V's Story
Cindy Weitzel's Story
Cora's Story
Dale Cobern's Story
Damaris Reyes-Goodman's Story
Dan Breakman's Story
Dan Gallon's Story
Dan Morsette's Story (with graphic images)
Daniel Hammond's Story
David B's Story
David Cowles' Story
David Freeman's Story
Debbie Hardie's Story
Debbie Hitchcock's Story (with graphic images)
Debbie Rodriguez's Story
Denise Clark's Story
Denise Grant's Story
Dennis Macy's Story
Diana Bertrand's Story
Diane R's Story
Dick Noll's Story
Donielle's Story
Donna Sullivan's Story
Donnie Thibodaux's Story (with graphic images)
 Doreen Mulman's Story (links to her website with images)
Doug Fitzpatrick's Story
Edward Allen Brittingham's Story (with graphic images)
Edwina Fanaro's Story
Elaine McCulloch's Story
Ellena's Story
Francisco Fernando Velazquez Heredia's Story
Frank R. Aylward's Story (with graphic images)
Gary Cunningham's Story
Gerry Kriner's Story
Heather Adams' Story
Heather Dukes' Story
Helena Glenn's Story (with graphic images)
Herschele Miers' Story (with image of NF)
Homer McCreary's Story
Jack Schick's Story
Jackie Overbay's Story
James DeNardo's Story
James Eastmond's Story
Jan's Story
Jean Samolyk's Story
Jennifer's Story
Jennifer Young's Story (with graphic image)
Jenny Stubbs' Story
Jessie C's Story
Jill's Story
Jim Regnery's Story
Joan Seymour's Story
John Ross' Story
Joyce Roberson's Story
Justin Sharphead's Story (with wound vac images)
Kathleen Brown's Story
Kathy Lasley's Story
Kathy Wagner's Story
Kelli Steidle's Story
Kenny's Story
Kirk Cameron's Story
Kris Plant's Story
Kristy Townsend's Story (with graphic images)
Lara Rick's Story
Lena's Story
Leslie Montoya's Story
Leon Tseng's Story
LeeRoy Schuckman's Story (with V.A.C. Case Study)
Lisa Davis' Story
Liz Sleeper's Story
Liz Zeigler's Story (with image of NF)
Lois Herbst's Story
Lori Drover's Story
Lori Fuller's Story
Lyda Koppers' Story
Manfred Schmid's Story
Marcy Nathlich's Story
Margaret Gray's Story
Margaret Wyma's Story
Marlene Lerner's Story
Marlene Papen's Story
Martha's Story
Maria Hughes' Story
Maria Owens' Story
Mary Shoemaker's Story
Maryanne Bocchino's Story
Matthew King's Story (with NF image)
Melaney Pritt's Story
Melissa "Lisa" Branham's Story (with images of NF)
Melissa McCaffrey's Story
Mellisa Dolan's Story
Michael Craig's Story
Michele McLaren's Story
Michelle's Story
Mike Castle's Poem (with graphic images)
Mike Duran's Story
Milton's Story
Mohammed Zuhair's Story
Molly Williams' Story
Nancy Stanziana's Story (with graphic images)
Olle Frodin's Story
Pat Dunkley's Story
Patricia Pollard's Story
Patrick Fielding's Story (with graphic images)
Paul Houghton's Story
Peter Wyllie's Poem to NF
Raj Nagarajan's Story
Ray Holst's Story
Ray Isom's Story
Renee Horne's Story
Richard Boehm's Story
Richard Russell's Story
Rick Park's Story
Rhonda Skelton's Story
Robert L. Smith's Story
Ron Acosta's Story (with graphic images)
Ron Ball's Story
Ron Blackburn's Story
Russell Bohay's Story
Ruth Hunter Damron's Story (with graphic image)
Sarah Carpenter's Story
Scott Miller's Story
Shannon Lowe's Story
Sharmion Stackpole's Story (with graphic image)
Sharon Barnes' Story
Shawn Steinman's Story
Sheila's Story (with graphic images)
Simon Stevens' Story
Sinade's Story
Stacy Salomone's Story
Stephanie's Story
Steve Hendricksmeyer's Story
Steve Sands' Story
Steven B. (Brad) Mitchell's Story
Sumana Basu-Dugan's Story
Suzanne Shahan's Story
T. S. Bolton's Story
Teresa Walsh's Story
Tim List's Story
Tina Rideout's Story
Tom Geib's Story
Tom English's Story
Tommy White's Story
Tracy Nesbit's Story (with graphic images)
Trent Beggs' Story (with images of NF)
Trevor MacLean's Story
Vernon Thompson's Story
Vickie McCullough's Story (with graphic images)
Wayne LeFevre's Story
Wayne Rohrbach's Story
Wendy Boyle's Story
William Sylliboy's Story
Zaiden Ascalon's Story (with images)

A special thanks to all of the contributors to this site for sharing their courageous stories of survival. If you are a survivor of Necrotizing Fasciitis and would like to share your story with others, please email your name, where you are from, and your story to nnffstories@gmail.com. The stories will be reviewed, editied and posted as time permits. All photos of actual NF will be posted however not all photos of debridement wounds will be posted.


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